Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy

The Muscle Medic

Andrew McCarthy is a fully qualified Massage Therapist with a natural talent for manipulating muscles, relaxing the body, and soothing the mind.

Having begun his lifelong rugby career as a small child, Andrew has been receiving massage therapy since the age of sixteen. While both playing and coaching rugby at the local, national and international levels, Andrew has continuously relied on massage therapy—not only to keep his own body in excellent playing form, but also for the treatment of a spinal injury sustained in 1999. As a result, he has a first-hand understanding of how to get his clients’ muscles back in top-notch condition—no matter how hard they’ve push them.

Andrew is also a practitioner of the Niel-Asher Technique for the treatment of shoulder conditions, which encourages the body to heal naturally, rather than forcing the shoulder with painful movements. This treatment technique ties in with Andrew’s holistic approach to massage therapy, which he sees as hugely beneficial to both the body and mind.

He encourages his clients to view their massage sessions with him as precious ‘me time’ away from the stresses of today’s hectic world, while he works out their knots and eases their tense muscles, rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit.

Whether you’re interested in massage as a standalone treatment, for a little rest and relaxation, or in conjunction with other therapies, Andrew will devise a bespoke programme. He often works alongside physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and orthotics who provide specific instructions to ensure massage complements existing treatments. Post-massage, clients receive a personalised stretching routine.

New clients book an initial consultation, £35, which includes medical history, daily routine, postural analysis, and massage therapy. Follow-up appointments are just £30 each.

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